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Oftentimes I want a simple way to calculate passing stats.  Maybe we are doing serve receive drills, or maybe I want a quick overview of a match, but either way, I want the ability to do it quickly and efficiently.  

What I don't want is to have to pull out my volleyball stats app, enter a new match, each player's name, and then calculate the passing average, one pass at a time.


The Volleyball Passing Average App

serve receive drills volleyball passing average app

download the volleyball passing stats app

Take your stats by hand, and when you're done, enter your total number of zeros, ones, twos and threes into the app, and click calculate.  It's easy as pie.

Ideal for Serve Receive Drills

Are you curious to know which player or rotations pass the best average?  Set your team up in a serve receive drill, and record their passing numbers.  When you're done.  Enter them into the app for a quick look at the overall passing average.

With the ability to calculate two different averages, you'll find flexibility in your drills.  Two teams can compete and you'll know which team passes better.

The same could be said between players.  Maybe mid-match, you want to know if your libero or your ds is passing better.  This app was practically made for that.  Quickly enter the quantities into the app, and you'll know if your libero is wearing the right jersey. 

How to calculate a passing average:

First, you should note that this app is based on a 3.0 passing point system. So every pass is going to be ranked 0-3.  0 is an indication of an ace, 3 is a perfect pass.

To calculate the passing average.  Add up all your zeros, ones twos and threes.  

total points = (total zeros * 0) + (total ones * 1) + (total twos * 2) + (total threes * 3)

passing average = total points / total number of passes

What others are saying

"This app has been extremely convenient for a quick look at passing during a match." - Stacey L.

"I use the passing app daily!" - Bethany T.

 Download the Volleyball Passing Average app today.

volleyball stats app

Currently only available for iOS.


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