At Home Volleyball Drills for Beginners and Advanced Players - The Dig Episode 003

at home volleyball drills for beginners

Are you looking for volleyball drills for beginners?

Are you more advanced and need something more challenging at home?

All of these drills can be done by yourself and most can be done at home. You just need a ball and in some cases, you don't even need that.

I hope I have something here that will help you out. Listen to the podcast, 2 days a week to get all your volleyball questions, answered.

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Volleyball Drills for Beginners and Advanced Players:

At Home Setting Drills

Do each of these setting drills and try to aim for as many contacts in a row as possible. Start by shooting for 50 in a row, then 100, then 1000.

Set to self

Set mini sets against the wall from just a few inches away. Move back and set from a few feet away, then 10 feet away. Try and move in and out without losing control.

Start by setting to yourself, then without stopping, try and lay down and then stand back up.

If you have a basketball hoop. Try to set into the hoop.

If you have a basketball court available. Bounce the volleyball hard against the ground and then run under and try and set into the hoop, off the bounce.


At Home Passing Drills

Do these drills to gain more ball control. The better your ball control, the better player you'll be.

Passing volleyball drills for beginners:

Pass to self remaining stationary

Pass to self walking

Pass to self running

Pass to self skipping

Passing volleyball drills, advanced:

Pass to self shuffling left, then right

Pass to self, set to self, use left hand, right hand, pass to self again. repeat repeat.

Pass set left right while remaining stationary. One foot may pivot. The other should remain stuck to the floor. (Rumor has it that the Stanford women's team has to do this for 5 minutes at the beginning of their practices.)

At Home Hitting Drills

Hitting drills can be a bit more challenging to do by yourself, but nonetheless here are a couple places to start.

Practice your approach. You should be able to do a 4 step, a 3 step and even get comfortable with just the last 2 steps for times when you want a higher attack, but have no room to move forward.

You can practice a slide approach as well. (Think right handed layup.) Hit against a wall, aim high, about 10 feet up, and attempt to get the ball to come straight back to you. Try to incorporate as much topspin as possible.

Approach and hit against a wall.

If you have a big wall available, like the side of your house (with parents permission!) practice your jump topspin serve. Toss high and do a full approach and take a swing.  Aim 12' up and attempt to get the ball to come straight back to you.

At Home Serving Drills

Practice your toss. Tossing is hugely important. Try to become so consistent with tossing that you could toss and hit the ball with your eyes closed.

Serve at a wall. (With your parents permission!)

Put a X on wall about 10' up and aim for it. Start 10' away, move back and back and back. until you're 30' away and can hit the x with precision.

At Home Blocking Drills

If you're a middle, you should know your blocking footwork. Practice moving left and right as quickly and efficiently as possible. Middles need fast feet!

Work on pressing against a wall, keeping hips and feet back. Jump up, press your hands against the wall and come back down in control. Remember, keep your shoulders by your ears, push and hold strong.

Everyone who plays front row needs to work on becoming a functional blocker.

Random ways to improve at home

There are a few other things you can practice at home, without a ball at all.

Conditioning - You need to be in shape, why not workout at home? Do squats, lunges, and various kinds of pushups to start. (Be sure you are warm before you start!) Listen to Episode 2 of The Dig to get workout tips. 

Rolling - Some teams roll and some teams don't. Just like some teams pancake and some teams don't. You can practice your roll on your floor. If you have carpet, don't extend out first (floor burn!!), instead, Start on your knees and roll backwards over your shoulder. Watch good volleyball on t.v. or the internet.

Studies have proven that watching volleyball can be just as effective as actually practicing it. In fact, you can gain the most improvement by watching as often as you practice. Watch some good games, Penn State, Stanford, in fact, anyone in the Big 10 conference or Pac 12 conference is going to put on a good game. :)

That's it for now! I hope you found some good volleyball drills for beginners along with some for more advanced players. Be sure to subscribe to The Dig Podcast to get your questions answered, 2 days a week! 


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