Dealing With Drama in Volleyball

Dealing With Drama

dealing with drama in volleyball 

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Today we talk about how to handle drama. I will do my best to give you some ideas on how to handle drama on your team, but my advice is completely generic. Without understanding your specific questions, and without knowing who is involved, and what their personalities are like, I cannot give you the best advice. Sorry!!! You’re always welcome to contact me. (Try to DM me on Instagram @volleyball_challenge.)


How to handle drama on your volleyball team.

The first thing you should do, if you feel like there is something going on that is causing problems on the team, is to talk to the coach. Your coach, unlike myself, will know all the athletes involved and can try to help you get through the situation.

One thing to consider, is to make sure you are not the one creating drama. Sometimes with a quick look in the mirror, you’ll discover that you’re not as innocent as you claim.

If you’re certain it’s not you. Then be very careful not to respond to anyone else’s drama. Completely ignore it. Not a peep from you. Then get another person to commit to no drama with you. Slowly try to add people into the no-drama policy until most of your team is not contributing and completely ignoring any drama filled comments or actions.

Another tactic you can try, once you feel like you’ve got a couple people to back you up, is to have chat about the issues at hand. There is definitely a possibly of causing more problems by doing this, but it may be the only way to find a resolutions.  You can have a 1 on 1 conversation by yourselves or add a non-biased mediator or you can have a whole team meeting and ask everyone to commit to playing volleyball, and that’s it.

Good luck dealing with this tough topic. For more ideas and explanations, watch or listen to this episode below.


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