How Can I Improve My Serve Receive? Volleyball Passing Tips - The Dig Episode 014

volleyball passing tips

If you play volleyball, you probably want to improve your passing. Luckily, no matter how good you are, or aren't, your passing can likely be improve. Here are my 5 best tips to be a better passer:

Volleyball Passing Tips

1. Get into a good ready position. This position shouldn't be too low, and it shouldn't be standing upright either. Start medium high, in an athletic position, ready to move.

2. Form a solid, well balanced platform. Start by putting your hands together and looking at your thumbs. Are your thumbnails next to each other? Are your thumb joints even and next to each other? Now make sure your arms are fully extended and close together. You want a large surface for the ball to contact.  

3. Contact the ball on your forearms. You want to precisely play the ball above your wrists and below your elbows. You have forearm muscle in that area that the ball should contact.  

4. Hold your platform still. I'm not entirely sure why everyone wants to swing their arms around at the ball, but you hear coaches say "hold still" over and over and over. Why do they say this? Because it works! When you attempt to pass the ball, put your arms out without any additional movement, and then hold them there, or freeze them. When you play against harder serving teams, you will begin to retract your arms slightly, but even then, don't swing into the ball at all. Think about baseball for a second. You step up to bat, and a pitcher throws the ball your direction. The faster and harder you swing the bat, the further the ball goes. Now back to volleyball, the same rules apply. If you swing your platform up into the ball, the ball will launch off and we don't want that. Keep your platform still and you will improve your passing.  

5. Move your feet. No matter how your coach wants you to pass, almost every coach is going to tell you to move your gosh darn feet. You need to get your body in position to play the ball and servers aren't going to serve directly at you.  

Bonus tip: Know who is serving at you. This one seems less important, but if you know someone serves short, and can't serve deep, scoot up. If you know someone only serves deep, move back. Do you know if they serve a tough topspin? Be prepared to pass a topspin serve instead of a floater. You can gain an advantage if you know your opponent'a tendencies and you will adjust where you start. That's it for now, I could do multiple passing and serve receive episodes, (and I probably will) but for now, think about these tips and try to execute them properly.

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