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How Important Is Serve Receive? The Dig Episode 015


volleyball serve receive

Thanks for checking out this episode of The Dig. Today we feature Alexandria, a 6th grade volleyball player who has a question about serve receive. Alexandria wants to know, how important is serve receive? If you have a question to ask, leave me a voicemail and I might just answer it on the podcast!

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You can also send me an email, jayme@straightfromdehart.com and I will still be happy to answer you on the podcast. If you are a primary passer like Alexandria, and you want 5 tips for better serve receive passing, check out The Dig Episode 014.

The Libero

In this episode we talk a little about the libero position.

Liberos are the people on the court wearing different colored jerseys. They specialize in passing and defense and they are not allowed to play front row, but they can play back row the entire game.  Liberos are not allowed to serve at the international level, but they are allowed to serve at every other level.

If you're watching a volleyball game, you'll notice that the libero can sub freely, meaning she can run on and off the court without actually subbing in.

There are many rules surrounding the libero position about what they can and cannot do. Liberos are not allowed to attack (hit) the ball above the height of the net, and they are not allowed to set in front of the 10' when the hitter attacks above the height of the net. Even with the weird setting rules, many liberos are the second setter on the team. When the primary setter plays the first ball, the libero will step in and set or bump set the ball to a hitter. That's a brief overview of the libero position. We will go in depth in another episode of The Dig.

Another thing I mention briefly is the name Karch Kiraly. If you have not heard of him, go read his wiki page. He is a legend in volleyball, and if you think you're a volleyball player, you better know Karch. :)


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