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This is going be a short post today, there is SO MUCH INFO online about working out, that you really don’t need much more from me. I’m going to only be answering a couple specific quetions.

How often should I workout

This depends on if you’re in season or out of season.

In Season Workouts

If you’re in season, you’ll want to ask your coach how much training to do. If you do a lot with your volleyball team, then you won’t need to do as much on your own. If your volleyball team doesn’t do very much, then you should be able to safely workout a couple days a week with weights or resistance.

If it is late in your season, it’s time to tone down the intensity of your workouts, and don’t work to fatigue your muscles. You want healthy strong muscles, and this isn’t the time to be trying to gain inches in your vertical. You can still workout, but keep it from becoming too intense.

If you’re early in your season, you should be able to train at a higher intensity level, but don’t over do it. This is why you need your coach’s guidance. If they are planning a lot of jumping in practice, you don’t want to also do a lot of jumping in your workout, because you can over-train your legs.

Out Of Season Workouts

When you’re out of season, this is the time to really get your body healthy and strong. You can do a lot of high intensity workouts during this time. If it’s preseason, you really want to focus on jump training, and weight training. The stuff that you’ll need to taper back as the season gets underway. Now is the time to hire a trainer (if you can) or plan yourself a workout program to produce results. I have 2 items that will interest you if your interested in training.

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Rest and Recovery

Take the time to ice your joints after a hard practice or training session. The ice will help keep the inflation down, and keep you feeling good! Make sure you have rest days. Even if you’re training out of season, and you’re going hard, you need to include rest days.

This doesn’t mean you have to sit on your couch and binge on Netflix my youTube channel, but it does mean you need to do something easier, like an easy walk.

Stretching and Flexiblity

Keep your body in top shape by including a stretch once a day. Stretching is excellent for the muscles. Warm up with some light movement, then slowly work into a stretch that you hold for 10-20 seconds. Do this before bed, or when you first wake up so you don’t forget.

Having flexible muscles won’t prevent your injury entirely, but it will keep you limber enough to hopefully avoid getting in positions that could hurt you. I hope that helped. Download my free guides for more! Or watch/listen to this week’s episode!

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