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pre game warm ups

Volleyball Warm Ups

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 Warming Up for Practice

The first thing you should do when planning a practice warm up, is find out from your coach what is expected from you in the warm up.  Some coaches will have a warmup planned out for you, and other coaches will expect you to get warmed up on your own before you begin.

If you're expected to warm up yourself, here are some of the keys to a good warm up.

1.  Be slow but active.  This means an easy jog, or jumping jacks.  Keep it simple and easy.  You want your muscles to gradually warm up.  

2. Dynamic stretches are ideal for a warm up. These are full body movements designed to be slow and stretch all your muscles with movement.  For instance, lunges with a twist.  You can read all about dynamic stretches, in this helpful article.  It also includes a guide on 12 dynamic stretches you can do.

3.  When you're warming up, you want to move your muscles how you plan to use them.  So get a partner and start passing, or begin setting against a wall.  You want to make sure that the muscles you plan to use, get good and warm.

Games Day Warm Up

It's important that you spend time figuring out why gets you to play your best and you can tailor your warmup to be the best warmup for you.  Each game you can tweak your warmup until it feels right.

Days leading up to the game.

Make sure you're getting to bed at a reasonable time.  Sleeping hours before midnight, are more valuable than hours after midnight.  For instance, sleeping from 9pm to 5am is going to have a better impact than sleeping from 12am-8am.  Fascinating huh?

Drink a lot of water, so that you don't have to cram water during the match.

Arrive a little earlier than you need to for the game.  If you're supposed to be there 45 minutes early, aim to show up 60 minutes early.  This will give you an opportunity to check out the facilities, the net, and the gym.

Once your team is there, spend some time with them getting ready.  Then start your own pregame rituals.  


An example of a pre-game ritual might be, headphones on, listening to your favorite playlist.  Spend some time visualizing yourself making positive plays.  If you're really concerned about a specific skill, like serving, visualize yourself having a successful serving run.  Think about how that looks and feels.

Another pre-game ritual might be to turn on loud music for everyone in the lockerroom, and start dancing and getting hyped.  It's important that you try a couple different rituals, before committing to one.

As the game draws nearer, spend some time with a ball, setting or passing to yourself.  Then add a partner and begin peppering.  Soon, the official warm up will begin and your coach will guide you through that.

The Interrupted Warmup


Occasionally, you will not be able to do your standard warm up. You can't allow this to throw you for a loop.  Instead, have a backup plan, or pick 1 thing that is the most important part for you and do that.  


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