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The Dig, Season 3

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Volleyball Tryouts

Tips For Volleyball Tryouts

  Learn what you can control, and what you can't, at volleyball tryouts.
Volleyball Tryouts

How Do Coaches Select Players?

We discuss what coaches discuss when it comes down to the last 1-2 players on a team.
Jump Serving

Jump Serving

 Jump serving tips for those of you who are ready to take your serve to the next level.

Hitting in Volleyball

2 Reasons You Might Be Hitting Out

 Reasons you might be hitting out, and a couple other good hitting tips

Volleyball Muscles

Muscles & Volleyball

 What muscles do you need to train for volleyball?

Volleyball Setter

The Setter Episode

 Learn about the role of the setter.  The demands mental and physically. 

Volleyball Middle

The Middle Episode

 Learn about the role of the middle.  We discuss topics that affect middles on the court.

Volleyball Libero

The Libero Episode

The role of the libero, and the special rules they have to follow.  Also - passing tips!

Volleyball Outside

The Outside Episode

The role of the outside. The demands of their job on the team. 

Volleyball Warm Up

Warm Up Tips

 Thoughts and ideas on how you should warmup for practice and games.

Overcoming Nerves

Overcoming Nerves

If you struggle with nerves, use these tricks to overcome them. 

Captains and Leadership

Captains & Leadership

Captains aren't always leaders, and leaders aren't always captains. Let's change that.

Dealing with Drama

Dealing with Drama

 Drama can bring a team down, here are some tips on how to avoid it. 

Dealing with Injuries

Dealing with Injuries

 From simple, quick healing injuries, to season ending injuries, we talk about them here.

Recruiting Tips

Volleyball Recruiting Tips

 Want to play volleyball in college? Join me for a few tips to get yourself recruited.


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The Dig, Season 2

Volleyball Coach Help

My Coach Doesn’t Know What He’s Doing


break the ice

How To Break The Ice


volleyball jump

How Do I Increase My Vertical?


volleyball tryouts

Volleyball Tryout Tips


volleyball tryouts

How Do I improve enough to make the team?


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The Dig, Season 1

Karch Kiraly

Who is Karch Kiraly?


Competitive Volleyball  Is It OK To Be Competitive?
Volleyball Practice Should I go to Practice if I’m Sick?
Volleyball Court Dimensions What You Don’t Know About Volleyball Court Dimensions
College Volleyball Choosing the Perfect College
Volleyball Coach How Do I Become A Volleyball Coach?
Libero Jersey What’s With The Different Colored Jersey?
Two Sports Can I play 2 Sports at Once?
Beach Volleyball Beach Volleyball or Indoor Volleyball?
dig the ball When You Should (and Shouldn’t) Dig The Ball Overhand
beginner volleyball rules 8 Volleyball Rules for the Absolute Beginner
serve receive How Important Is Serve Receive?
passing tips How Can I improve my Serve Receive?
volleyball shoe review Volleyball Shoe Review
volleyball bag What Should I carry In my Volleyball Bag?
volleyball blocking Swing Block or Traditional?
Volleyball Positions What Are The Volleyball Positions?
Hitting % What Is A Hitting Percentage?
volleyball height Am I Too Short to Play Volleyball?
volleyball offenses What are the Different Offenses?
overhand serve How To Aim an Overhand Serve
volleyball outfits What To Wear To Tryouts
volleyball drills At Home Volleyball Drills
jump training How to Increase Your Jump
volleyball tryouts Should I Tryout For Volleyball?

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