The Dig Podcast - Should I Tryout For Volleyball? Episode 001

Should I tryout for volleyball?

Should I tryout for volleyball?

This is one of the most frequent questions we get about volleyball. The answer is simple though, yes!! You should certainly tryout if that's what you want to do. You may be afraid you aren't good enough, or worried you'll get embarrassed. Those are not good enough reasons to shy away from the sport. Everyone is a beginner in the beginning. Don't get me wrong, skills are important, but that's not the only thing a coach looks for.

Are you coachable?

Meaning, can you take direction in a pleasant and happy way?

Are you a good teammate?

If you can be supportive even if you're not getting as much playing time as you would like, that's valuable.

Are you reliable?

Knowing that you will be at practice and games on time, every time, is also a great attribute to have.

Your Skills and Abilities

If you really are brand new to the sport, you're going to need to spend a lot of time practicing on your own. Try finding a friend who plays volleyball, and ask if they will come over and play with you some.
Coaches are usually willing to work with players who have the right attitude and determination. Remember, it takes a lot of courage to step outside your comfort zone. If you don't make the team. That's ok! You can continue practicing on your own, find a club to play in to improve and try again next year! Even if you feel a little embarrassed, in the long run, you'll be happy you gave it a shot and faced your fears. Best case scenario is that you make the team, find lifelong friends and have a great time!! I wish you luck!! Do you have any additional answers to add? Please leave a comment and give someone the courage they need to tryout!

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  • Hi, i’m an outside hitter that is now approaching middle school tryouts i’m afraid i won’t be an outside hitter i played club for 1 year now and only practiced outside what should i do??

  • Hi! I recently got into volleyball a few months ago. I attended a clinic and I was pretty bad at it but I still enjoyed it. I want to try out but I’m not very good at volleyball and our high school team is extremely competitive. I’m willing to learn though, I’m reliable and have the ability to improve. The problem is I’m bad at it and I don’t have a ball to practice. I’m decent at setting and blocking though. Should I still try out? I’m scared that I’m going to be the worst one and that everyone is going to think that I suck!!

  • Can you give a more in-depth description of the libero position? I’m only in 8th grade so we don’t have a libero on my school team yet. I want to be a libero so bad! Can you explain the rotation and other special libero rules? Thanks!!


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