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what is a hitting percentage

Today's episode is a fast one. The question is "What is a hitting percentage and what is considered a good number?" A hitting percentage is the number which calculates your hitting efficiency. The number shows if you score more points for your own team or the other team.

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How to calculate a volleyball hitting percentage.
What is a good hitting percentage?
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How To Calculate a Volleyball Hitting Percentage


Are you good at math?

Here is the formula:

(Kills-errors)/total attempts = Hitting %

Add up all your kills, then subtract all your errors. Once you have that number, divide it by the total number of swings you took.

Example: Zeros are swings taken when the ball remains in play. + is a kill - is an error 000+0-++0+

So kills minus errors is: 4-1=3 Divide by total attempts: 3/10=.300

We call this number 300, not "point 300."

Now, it is entirely possible to be a negative hitter. That may look something like this: -00++-00-0

2-3=-1 -1/10= -.100 Essentially, you are scoring more points for the other team than you are for your own team, and that's no bueno (no good).

volleyball hitting percentage


What's A Good Hitting Percentage?

A great hitting percentage is up in the 300 and above range. If you can hit over 300 as an average over the course of a season, you're kicking but at any level. The 200 range is still a good hitter, the 100 range is still scoring a couple more points for your team than the other team.

A 0 hitter is someone who is a statistical wash when it comes to hitting. They are not scoring points, but they are not losing them either.

A bad hitting percentage is anything negative. Negative hitters score more for the other team than they do for their own. Like a lot of questions I answer, this question can vary by age and level of play. You wouldn't expect a young, beginning volleyball player to hit 300. In fact, a lot of young players are going to hit negative. If you have a beginner level team, tracking their hitting percentage might not give you a lot of information.

Statistically you could have a player who is very negative but with some work, will be the best player on the team. Then again, it can be very easy to score against young teams. If you have a hitter who hits a lot of backspin, or sidespin, or miss hits, but it lands in the court, it could score fairly consistently just because the competition cannot play it.

A hitting percentage is a guide and tool to measure hitters. As with all stats, it's a great way to gain knowledge, but they are not the only factor to consider when sizing up a player, so don't put all your faith in the numbers. Keep in mind that the younger the player is, the less it matters. On the flip side, the older a player gets, them more you should rely on that number.

Who Are The Best Hitters?

Here are the best hitting percentages in women's college volleyball for 2014:

D1 hitting percentage D2 HP D3 HP

You can check out all the current stats by visiting the NCAA Website.

How Can I Improving My Hitting Percentage, Today?

If you are looking to improve your hitting percentage, the fastest way to do that, is to play smarter. Most people think that to get more kills, you must hit harder, but that's not the case. If you want to improve your efficiency as a hitter, you must learn to be efficient over showy. The goal is to get the ball on the opponents floor. This means a tip or roll might be more effective than a hard hit.

The biggest contributor to a low hitting percentage, is errors. You can work super hard to get kills, but for every error, you take away all the work you did for the kill. So play smart. Don't take big swings on bad sets. Take smart swings on bad sets. If the ball should be hit into the angle, don't force it down the line. If you are facing a tight set and a huge block, don't pound away, find a way to go around the block, or use the block to your advantage. I hope you go out tomorrow and kick booty with your knew outlook on hitting.

Remember, it's not always how hard you hit, it's how efficiently you hit. 

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  • Thanks for the awesome insights! Now I know hitting percentages!

  • Great article. I would agree with Alan on the difference between OH, MB, and OPP on the different hitting percentages that you would see. Generally OH should be hitting .250 and higher because they are getting more sets, and MB should have a higher one because they should be getting set on perfect balls, and same for OPP.

    Darian Chandler Mack
  • Nice post. Adding commentary on outside vs middle hitters would be a nice addition since the expectation for each of those positions and their hitting % differs.


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