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What to wear to volleyball tryouts.

What Should I wear to Volleyball tryouts?

Now that you have decided to give it a go and try out for the the team, you may be wondering what to wear to volleyball tryouts. If you're still unsure about trying out, check out Episode 001 and I'll do my best to convince you to tryout. As long as you wear an outfit that would be appropriate for gym class, you'll be ok. However if you really want to look the part, here is the list of clothes you should wear and avoid:


If you're going to volleyball tryouts, and you have a volleyball shirt, wear it. Here are a couple examples:


  If you don't have a volleyball shirt, that is fine. Wear any t-shirt you own. The thing you definitely want to avoid is a shirt with a low neckline or a loose neckline. You really should be keeping your boobs covered up. Volleyball skills such as passing, puts your body in a position to show them off if you're wearing the wrong attire. Before we finish this segment, let me remind you to make sure you wear a sports bra. First of all, you're going to be much more comfortable in a sports bra. They are designed for athletics so let them do their job. Plus if you're wearing a sports bra, you don't have to worry quite as much about showing off cleavage. I'm telling you, you don't want that on your mind when you're trying to make a team.


Most volleyball players around the country are going to show up in spandex shorts. Right now, Nike Pros are in style and everyone wants a pair.

They are a bit expensive, but you can expect to pay at least $20.00 for any brand. If you're not comfortable in spandex yet, short shorts are also very common. Again, Nike tends to be the preferred brand.

Another less common look is to wear long shorts, or yoga pants. Both would be acceptable to wear, but won't make you look like a volleyball player. (You'll still look like an athlete so if this is your preferred look, go ahead!)


You're going to need a good pair of kneepads if you make the team. (Usually!) The soft volleyball kind. Not the bicycle kind. There are some teams that don't wear them, but almost all teams do. Find a pair that are flat, and look for quality. Don't skimp on kneepads. Most of them are similar in price.

I would reccomend Mizunos for their comfort combined with their function. I have never owned Asics but I would assume they are good because Asics usually puts out quality volleyball products.

Nike kneepads tend to be hard, but don't offer as much cushion or give as other brands, which makes them less comfortable.

Under Armour does not have nearly enough coushion and you'll feel like you didn't wear kneepads at all.

NFinity came our with a new concept which is getting great reviews. First of all, their technology makes the kneepad lock up on impact, so it has the benefits of being comfortable and effective at the same time. The second cool part about NFinity is that their kneepads come in two parts. The inner pad, and the outer sleeper. This allows you to wash or change the sleeves without having to buy knew pads. (Genius!)







So, if you're going to go buy a new pair of kneepads, I'd recommend sticking with the brands which make volleyball a priority in their lines of clothing. (Mizuno, Asics, NFinity) You don't need a new pair of kneepads for tryouts, any pair will work. You should be wearing kneepads though since some teams will require them for tryouts. If you make the team, you can upgrade to the kind you really want.


If you have a good pair of gym shoes, they will work just fine for tryouts. However, if you make the team, consider buying yourself a pair of volleyball shoes. Mizuno and Asics are the leading brands in shoes and offer a whole line of products to choose from. Both shoe lines offer quality products at similar prices. I prefer Misunos because they fit my feet better, other people prefer Asics for the same reason. NFinity is a newer brand to the market but they also focus heavily on volleyball products and most people like how they fit. Other brands are ok, but most do not receive the same raving reviews as Mizuno, Asics and NFinity. Check out my volleyball shoe review on my other website, Straight From DeHart where I wrote up a shoe review of every volleyball shoe on the market. It will help you make an informed decision before you spend close to $100 on shoes.

volleyball shoe review

Ankle Braces

Wear your ankle braces if you have them. Active Ankles are the preferred brand by most volleyball players. I personally like the lace up kind. Don't worry about buying ankle braces if you don't have them ready. Your team will tell you at tryouts if they will be a requirement once you make the team.


Make sure your Hair is pulled back, out of your face. This is important for your bangs too. If your bangs fall in front of your eyes, you need to bobby pin them back. Also, remember to bring plenty of water. Some teams will do a lot of conditioning at tryouts, and some gyms have horrible water. Let's be honest, most gyms have horrible water. Come prepared with a full water bottle so it is not an issue.

That's it, now you know what to wear to volleyball tryouts. Now go plan your outfit and remember to subscribe to The Dig to get your questions answered 2 days a week. Leave a comment with your favorite volleyball apparel! 


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  • My daughter has the new Nike shoes, and loves them. I prefer the Mizuno wave lightning for her, but teenagers love Nike. We looked at this years Mizunos, and they look pretty good, so I might be able to get her to switch back.

    Thanks for the info in Nfinity, we’ll have to check out their kneepads. My daughters club is an under armour club, and they get UA kneepads with their gear every year, but the girls don’t like them-most wear a different brand. they are too thin, and the padding splits. UA does have nicer ones, but daughter still prefers others.

  • I am trying out next year

  • My little sister want to start playing volleyball and will need to go to tryouts in a few weeks. I didn’t realize that there were shoes specifically for volleyball. What features do they have that make them good for the sport? Thanks for all this great information. I think dressing the part will help my sister feel more confidant going into tryouts. http://www.vbrags.com/

    April Cook

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