Represent Your State on My Little Athlete

I’m looking for 1 volleyball player in each of the 50 states to model our State Volleyball Design TShirt in their state.

How it would work:

You will receive a huge discount of 50% off the Tshirt.

You will buy the shirt for $8.50, plus FREE shipping. 

You choose the size and I’ll give you color options based on what I have in stock at the time.

You will need to take a picture of you in the shirt, somewhere that seems like it represents your state. For me, in Alaska, I took a picture in front of a mountain.
Here are examples from my state:

 I mean be honest, wouldn't it be cool to send your friends to and they could see you right there in the catalog?

You don't have to be a professional

If you live by a beach, a field or a park, take the picture there. It’s up to you to get creative. The picture can be indoor as long as the lighting is bright.

Take the picture and send it to me at - I will use it on my website and in promotional material I create in the future.

You will get a coupon code to share with your friends, followers and teammates for 10% off the entire State Design Collection for 1 week.

You can post the picture you take and offer the discount to your followers if you like, but it is not required.


To apply:

Gather the following information at email it to me at
subject: volleyball state design

1.Tell me what state you’re from.

2.Send me a picture of yourself in any volleyball t-shirt that you already own.  I’m looking for a good quality picture, with a happy looking person in it. If you are selected, I'll give you a link to the shirt you're going to model, at the discounted rate of $11. 

3.Describe to me where you would take the picture. If you have a picture of that location, send it to me also. It doesn’t have to be a picture you took, just a picture to give me an idea of your vision.

4. I’ll email you back and tell you if we still need your state, and how to go about getting the t-shirt.

5. Add your IG username if you have one.  This isn't required, but it would be an easy way for me to recognize you if you're a supporter of my IG channel.

Thanks! I look forward to your pictures!!!



Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still need my state?  No matter which state you're from, you're welcome to email me and I'll have your information in case I look for someone new in the future.  Her are a list of states that I do not have any entries for:

New Hampshire
New Jersey
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Dakota


Is there a deadline?  There is no deadline.  I am looking for 1 person per state.  Once I find someone who fills the role, and is a fit for the brand, I will select them and we will get the process rolling.  If you think you're a fit, it's better to get your email sent sooner rather than later.

How good are my chances? Very good.  We've had hundreds of inquiries but I've learned that many people won't follow through.  Your chances improve if you get your information submitted sooner rather than later.

Can I see a picture of the shirt? Most shirts aren't for sale on this website yet.  You can take a look at your state if you visit my other site, and type your state in the search bar.  (Link will open in a new window.)

Do you need a picture of me in a specific shirt? No. I just want to get a sense of your personality through a picture.  I chose a t-shirt because that is what you'd be modeling.  I don't want a picture of you all fancy at prom. :)  Dressed down, like you're headed to practice.

Can 2 of us model together? If you and your friend are interested in this, and would each be willing to buy your own shirt for $11.  Send in your email and tell me about your friend also. 

Can guys model? Yep! Same rules apply to you.


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