Sports Stories

sports stories

I'm obsessed with stories.  

I love the way each story is as unique as DNA. Yet, just like DNA, our stories share so much in common.  

I love how we are all connected. Absolutely intertwined.  

I want to tell some of your sports stories.  I want to know about the time you lost every game all season, yet finished your end of season tournament with a championship trophy.  I want to know about how you played soccer your whole life until an injury made you have to switch to track.  I want inspirational, funny, sad, exciting, or just plain good ol' stories.

Don't be hesitant, if you want to tell me sports *or semi-sports* related story, PLEASE send it to me.  I want my inbox FULL.

If I collect enough stories, I will feature them on my website, and maybe my podcast.  Please email me and use the following guidelines to tell your story.  I will follow up for more detail if I need it.

CLICK HERE TO EMAIL ME (copy and paste the guideline into your email if you need it.)


1. What is your name? Who is this story about? How do you know them?

2. Tell me what life was like for your person before the "story" you're telling.

3. Tell me the story.  Tell me the year, tell me ages of people involved. (or approximate ages)

4.. Tell me what has changed, if anything, since this happened. 

5. Would you like your story to stay anonymous? (I can use fake names if you answer yes.)

6.  If you don't need to stay anonymous, would you be interested in being interviewed and featured?




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