softball temporary tattoo sheet

Softball Tattoo Sheet

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If you want an awesome selection of softball tattoos, this sheet is for you. It has 6 styles of tattoos to choose from, and a total of 50 tattoos on the sheet.

8 Softball Heart Tattoos
8 Softball with Bat Tattoos
6 Softball LOVE tattoos style 1
6 Softball LOVE tattoos style 2
9 Mini Softballs 1/3" Diagonal
13 Softballs 1" Diagonal

These soccer ball temporary tattoos would make a great gift for soccer teams. They are easy to apply. Hold a watered down napkin to the back of them as you press them on your body. They are also very easy to remove with soap and water.

Your tattoo sheet will come in a rigid mailer to prevent damage caused during shipping.