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California Volleyball Tshirt

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California has long been considered a volleyball powerhouse.  Ever heard of Kerri Walsh-Jennings? Misty May-Treanor? April Ross?  You probably thought a few more people right off the top of your head. That's because California has been the home of some of the best volleyball players of all time.  And that's not an exaggeration.

Vision CA, Coast Volleyball club, Mizuno Long Beach, TStreet, Sunshine, Laguna Beach and other clubs have all ranked within the top 20 club programs in the nation.

Show your pride for your sport, and you state with the new California Volleyball Design. 

The California Volleyball Shirt comes in 3 styles.

Wear the Hoodie if you play in a gym with so much air conditioning you freeze until it's finally time to start practice. 

The Long Sleeve T can be worn on chilly winter days in Northern California, or as a warmup layer before your game.

The Tshirt is ideal all the time!


Photo taken in on the California beach.