texas volleyball shirt
texas volleyball shirt

Texas Volleyball Shirt

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Texas Volleyball Shirt

You are going to be the envy of your team this season in the Texas Volleyball Shirt.  

No, but really.  As independent and loyal as Texans are, probably close to 90% of Texas volleyball players are dreaming of the day they can put on the burnt orange uniform call themselves a longhorn.   

But even if you're not dreaming of being a longhorn, you're a spirited Texan who loves to play volleyball. I designed this shirt for you.  So pick it up in your favorite color, and wear it to your next practice.  

The Texas Volleyball Shirt is Available in the style and color to match your personality.

It can be purchased as a hoodie, for lounging around.

The long sleeve T is great as a warm up shirt.

The Tshirt is a must for dealing with the Texas heat.

Or maybe you're not looking for yourself. 

Think about how you felt when you stumbled upon this shirt.  Now imagine how happy it will make your coach, or teammate or your mom.  It comes wrapped in nice clear plastic wrapping so that all you have to do is put it in a gift bag.  As soon as your bag is opened, they'll have the same feeling you did.

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